Summer Lip Tips to Protect Your Pout

With long beach days and plenty of outdoor activities ahead, you’ve hopefully stocked up on SPF – and use it daily. But before you jet set off to your next adventure, be sure to give your lips some extra TLC as weather conditions heat up. Lip care is often an afterthought when it comes to our skin care routines, but this sensitive area needs extra attention during seasonal changes. We’re sharing our best lip tips to keep your kisser hydrated and protected all summer long.

Exfoliate Weekly


Fingers crossed you exfoliate your face and body as part of a regular skin regimen, but are you forgetting your pout? Lips also collect dead skin cells and residue like other areas of your body. Exfoliate them on a weekly basis with your favorite scrub or create your own.

We love combining an even amount of brown sugar, honey and olive oil for use as a gentle, yet nourishing lip exfoliant.

Moisturize Daily

pexels-photo-30486 (1)

While it’s true that chapped lip season is notoriously associated with winter’s cold spells, warmer temps don’t mean you’re in the clear.

Lips exposed to excess heat, harmful UV rays and moisture-depleting AC can be left feeling dry and dehydrated. Keep cracking and sunburns at bay with a lip treatment that multitasks like no other.

Neova Intensive Lip Repair utilizes a unique Copper Peptide Complex to soothe, ultra-nourish and visibly repair the damaging effects of sun exposed lips.

Protect with SPF


Sun protection is crucial year-round to maintain a youthful appearance and shield your skin from premature aging effects.

Your lips are no exception. Because lips do not contain melanin, they are more susceptible to sun damage caused by UV exposure.

Neova Intensive Lip Repair restores vitality and a supple to texture to dry, chapped lips and works as an anti-aging treatment to minimize fine lines on and around your lips by promoting collagen and elastin synthesis.

Glycerin cools inflammation and provides lightweight hydration. Coat it onto your pout as needed. Use alone or underneath your lipstick for a flawless finish.

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